Data Aggregation

Strategizing and gathering relevant datasets vital for training AI models. From sourcing raw data to synthesizing additional datasets where necessary, meticulous attention is given to ensure the diversity, quality, and quantity of data required for robust AI solutions.

Data Collection

Vehicle Setup & Collection

  • Vehicle Setup, TÜV Certification
  • Route planning, Fleet Management
  • Data Collection and Storage

Data Management

  • Cloud Select: AWS / Azure / Alibaba
  • Manage data ingestion, cloud architecture

Data Selection

  • Data frame selection, Event tagging
  • Pre-identification of object classes
  • Data Masking

Synthetic Data Generation

Empower your AI development with our cutting-edge synthetic data generation service. We specialize in crafting high-quality, diverse, and meticulously curated synthetic datasets tailored to meet your specific AI model needs. Leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques, we generate synthetic data that closely mimics real-world scenarios, enabling robust training, testing, and validation of your AI models. Our service ensures privacy, scalability, and efficiency, providing you with a cost-effective solution for accelerating innovation and enhancing the performance of your AI applications. We use tools from dSPace, Anyverse, IPG for offering these services.