Industry Solutions

While AI is ubiquitous, our primary focus spans auto, manufacturing, retail, geospatial, and railways, with an openness to expanding into new domains. We eagerly welcome fresh ideas to craft innovative solutions.

Manufacturing Drawings

We engage in a seamless partnership with SourceOptima, an automated system proficient in extracting Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) from mechanical drawings, streamlining and enhancing your design processes.

Automotive Annotation Automation

Semantic Segementation

Explore how our advanced edge detection techniques can revolutionize your annotation tools, automating the process of semantic segmentation. Connect with us to delve deeper into the technology and learn how to seamlessly integrate it into your toolset. Reach out now for a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities our models can unlock for your annotation tool development.

Error Handler

Discover our innovative error-handling functionality designed to identify occlusion, missing objects, and other anomalies against a predefined checklist as annotators work. Elevate the quality of your annotations and streamline the efforts of your quality assurance team.

KPI Testing Framework

Functionality: Data received from the Device Under Test (DUT) and the Ground Truth (GT) are compared to validate the Lidar’s detection and performance for multiple KPIs and provide the results to the KPI Analytics team to improve the accuracy.

Retail AI Solutions

"In the dynamic world of retail, integrating AI technology is key to revolutionizing customer interactions and operational efficiency. For physical and online retailers alike, our AI-driven solutions like 'Smart Shelf View' and 'In-Store Heatmaps' are changing the industry. The 'Smart Shelf View' leverages advanced AI to maintain optimal stock levels and product placements, ensuring that your shelves always display what your customers seek. Meanwhile, our 'In-Store Heatmaps' utilize sophisticated analytics to track customer movements, providing invaluable insights into shopping behaviour and store hotspots. This powerful combination of AI tools not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines inventory management and boosts sales, paving the way for a smarter, more responsive retail environment."